Access Covers

At RCS, we take our Total Systems Approach to the "Removable Roof Section" and "Platform" specification that architects are including in many industrial projects.  In addition to the curb system, we fabricate custom access covers with included hold-down hardware and lifting lugs.  Our design criteria stems from live load predictions along with snow load data of the project location which allows us to span our covers up to 16' long by 10' wide.    

Equipment Access Covers

Equipment Access Covers are primarily used to lift equipment in or out of a building. They offer an economical alternative to expensive double door roof hatches and can be configured to your desired clear opening requirement. 

Similar to Access Covers, we also offer large Condenser Platform Covers.

web mbc_so_ssr_platform_coverLO-515x290.jpg

Platform covers are primarily used to support condensing units of a split system.  These large platforms can house numerous HVACR condensers in one concentrated area.  Although we proudly offer custom platform covers, a more economical option to condenser platforms is our curb-less Fast-RAC system which is worth considering for individual condensers weighing up to 450 lbs. on standing seam metal roofs.

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