Exhaust Fan Systems

Not only do we offer Roof Curb Systems™ for Exhaust Fans, RCS provides a broad selection of industrial ventilation products as well.  We have experts on hand to help determine the appropriate system for your project based on specified air flow requirements.  RCS is the one-stop shop for the correct integration of ventilation equipment with your building.

Exhaust fans change the air within large buildings quickly and efficiently.  The curb mounted exhaust fans offered by RCS can be broken down into three types, each of which have specific applications:

Centrifugal Fan

This fan is commonly found on institutional type facilities where noise is a concern.  Rather than a blade chopping air, Centrifugal fans use wheels that are mounted on isolators for superior vibration isolation; however, the capacity of these fans is generally limited to 42,000 CFM.

Motor In-Line The Air stream Up-Blast Fan

These large axial propeller fans are designed to move air in a hurry!  Primarily used in large industrial buildings, the direct drive motor is in the air stream which exhausts the air and any airborne particles through the electrical unit when in operation.  Motor In-Line fans provide the highest capacity with commercial models available in excess of 120,000 CFM.

Motor Outside the Air stream Up-Blast Fan

Similar to the motor in-line with its barrel shape, this propeller fan is belt driven with the electrical motor isolated outside of the air stream.  This fan is predominantly specified when fumes or flammable particles risk exposure to ignition sources to prevent combustion.  Axial propeller up-blast fans with the motor outside of the air stream can perform up to 100,000 CFM. 


Wall Mount Fans

Although a departure from rooftop systems, the RCS Sidewall Fan package is designed for use in industrial applications and offers an economical ventilation option.  Standard units are available from ½ hp to 5 hp (11,800 to 44,200 CFM). The motors on most fans may be wired for either 115/230 or 230/460 volts. These fans feature heavy-duty internal steel components with a durable powder coat finish. 

  • All fans are mounted inside a minimum 20” deep enclosed galvanized housing for easy field installation to cee channel framing. 
  • The Sidewall fan package is shipped with factory mounted fan guards to meet OSHA requirements. 
  • The shutter frames are constructed of heavy gauge powder-coated steel. 
  • The 4” aluminum shutter blades are mounted with heavy-duty brass bushings to eliminate rust and corrosion. 
  • Pre-assembled housing and fan
  • Heavy duty 4” aluminum shutter
  • Factory mounted OSHA fan guard



When providing side wall fans or roof exhaust fans for a building, provisions have to be made for supply air to offset the exhausted air.  A quantified approach to air changes should be taken to avoid Negative Pressure situations inside buildings.  Wall mounted louvers are an efficient way to allow airflow into a space passively to balance the motorized fans that are exhausting air.  The number of louvers should correspond with the CFM of the fans to compliment the air exchange.  Our louvers are Extruded Aluminum, Drainable Blades that carry the AMCA seal for air performance. This lets your customer know you will be providing a product that has been AMCA licensed with certified air performance and water penetration data.

A popular option for louvers is coordinately wiring them with actuators to complimentary open when the fans are turned on for reliable airflow.  Most actuators are available as 120V or 24V for easy integration with most electrical circuits.  Contact us today for a comprehensive ventilation analysis.

For more information about the importance of a Balanced Ventilation system design, check out our article featured in August 2017's issue of Metal Construction News written by our technical services team.