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Metal roofs are unconventional and have little margin for error, therefore a 'Total Systems Approach' is the only strategy for project success.  As the inventor of Roof Curb Systems, we recognize that like buildings, rooftop equipment also requires a solid foundation that embodies construction principles to ensure long-term structural performance and weather-tightness.  Our Roof Curb Systems are wholly designed solutions for the metal building industry; these are not hasty adaptations of conventional curbs with critical details left up to you to figure out.  RCS is proud to offer multiple, proven curb styles based on your warranty requirements, rooftop equipment weights, or customer preferences.  You focus on the project, we will focus on the details.


Flat-Flange Roof Curb System

Flat-Flange curbs offer great flexibility for new and retro-fit applications. For roofs with panels out of modulation, loose rib caps and plugs can offer a good option. RCS will not recommend rubber, polypropylene-based, or ABS plastic rib covers as the fasteners can too easily cut into the cap base. We exclusively offers aluminum rib caps & plugs designed for specific roof panel types with custom developed dies to ensure long-term weather-tightness and durability.  Learn More

Seam-In Roof Curb System

This Seam to Seam style, which we refer to as the Seam-In curb, offers the best protection for roof penetrations and actually becomes part of the roof by shingling into the roof system essentially like a roof panel.  This style is required to comply with 20-year roof warranties by many major building manufacturers within the metal building industry. The attachment to the rib is typically done with a seam cap provided by RCS. When constructed from 0.080 aluminum, RCS offers a standard 20-year workmanship warranty.  Learn More

Double Floating Roof Curb System

Double Curbs are unbeknownst to many as they have no conventional construction application.  This curb system is typically used when the roof top unit weight cannot be supported by purlins alone, and loads must be transferred to the main frames with I-Beams. Roof top unit weight will not allow thermal movement of the Standing Seam Roof System if the units were placed on standard curbs attached to the roof. HVAC ductwork requirements can be larger than the purlin spacing permits which requires structural framed openings and the use of an inner structural curb with complimentary outer curb for correct integration with the floating roof system.  Learn More

30” Wide STRIP Light Curb System

With over four successful years and nearly four linear miles already in place across the country, RCS is proud to relaunch our refined STRIP Light™ system that combines unique 10’ skylight domes to create limitless custom length solutions.  This aluminum Seam-In style curb is linked through a proprietary gutter that doesn’t modify delicate skylight frames.  An under/over diverter supported by a smaller version of their TRAC Rail™ support system completes the kit and offers an erector-friendly installation procedure.  Whether your needs are 10’ or 100’ STRIP Lights™ for daylighting, RCS will coordinate the right solution for your project!  Learn More

Adaptor Curbs

Roof Curb Systems offers a complete line of HVAC and other adapters. Whether you are replacing an old HVAC unit, an exhaust fan or any other curb mounted equipment, we have an adapter to make this process much easier. Our adapters are designed using cutting edge 3D design that maximize performance but minimize mistakes and material usage. An adapter from RCS is a good solution for replacing an old unit quickly without performance loss.  Learn More

Fast-RAC Curb-less Roof Platform System

For a fast and easy way to mount HVAC split system condensers, the Fast-Rac™ Roof Platform System is your answer. Taking only 15 minutes to install, the Fast-Rac™ saves you time and money when compared to the labor and expense of purchasing and installing a roof curb and curb support system.

The Fast-Rac™ system will not void your roof warranty and is held in place using two utility clamps on each rib, so no fasteners will penetrate your roof panel.  Learn More

System Accessories

At RCS, our specialty is providing a complete package to our customers to ensure correct integration and project success.  Whether it's a die-formed closure or fasteners and sealants, each component is specifically designed to properly conform to the appropriate roof panel profile and comprised of the highest quality materials for reliable weather-tightness.  All RCS Roof Penetration Systems are shipped with the relevant and necessary accessories for a complete installation package unless otherwise specified by the customer.  Learn More