We are all about solutions.

Historically, curb companies take the component approach – the void that forces the customer to be responsible for determining the correct curb size and application. This transfers the burden to the builder, releasing the curb company from all responsibility. Curb support is then left to the contractor, accessories may or may not be included, and installation details are left to others.

The components approach creates problems. We’re here to create simple solutions.

Whether your issues are related to new construction or you have issues with a pre-existing structure, RCS offers the solution to meet your needs. Some of the most common problems engineers and builders contend with when planning and constructing buildings include thermal movement, panel elevation, full perimeter support and negative pressure. Learn how RCS can expertly solve these issues with the TRAC Rail™ System.


Because RCS has experience in both the metal building and HVAC industries we can identify and perfect the critical details. We coordinate the mechanical contractor's HVAC equipment details with the metal building's roof and framing layout conditions in order to guarantee proper integration. This makes RCS stand out from our competition.

At RCS we never ask our customers to give us a curb size for an order.

Instead, give us the HVAC unit model number or Mechanical schedule and we’ll do the rest to ensure the curb will fit the roof top unit. We also recommend the best unit orientation to distribute unit point loads and allow supply and return ducts to work with purlin or bar-joist spacing. Our service will save you time and money to keep you moving forward on the job, faster.

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What Makes RCS Unique?

  • Smart services. Exclusive HVAC coordination.
  • Innovation. A System Solution approach to an industry full of component problems.
  • Training. Sales Coordinators are cross-trained in Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings and HVAC Equipment and are AUTO-Cad proficient.
  • Superior advisement. We coordinate HVAC duct drops to joist lay-out and recommend the optimal orientation.
  • Development. We actively develop improved installation methods working with erectors and service representatives.
  • The details. Installation details and shop drawings are shipped with all jobs.

Experience the difference of a total systems approach

RCS was founded in 1997 with the goal of filling the void with a “Total Systems Approach” to roof penetrations in the metal building Industry. The company patented its Revolutionary Floating TRAC-Rail™ Curb Support System to address the unique properties of standing seam metal roof systems. The TRAC-Rail™ system has been utilized by metal building manufacturers and has been sold nationally to contractors.

RCS has over 70,000 TRAC Rail™ Roof Penetration Systems in place and counting across North America. Now with a family of TRAC Rail™ products we are able to adapt to almost any roof system condition.

This is our Foundation.