Daylighting Products

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Daylighting is the intentional and controlled introduction of natural light into a space to be used as the main illumination source.  With today's high electricity costs and energy conscience consumers, the incorporation of skylights has become a preferred design initiative for commercial buildings.  Turn your roof into valuable real-estate that actually pays you back when you turn the lights off.  At RCS, we are here to facilitate and propose quantified Daylighting solutions through the use of our high performance skylight systems. 


TuffPRIZ™ Skylight

Through extensive research, RCS has developed specific criteria for our skylight domes to combine exceptional light transmittance and hail resistance.  By using a clear Monolithic-Polycarbonate outer dome and a white Impact Modified Acrylic Prismatic inner dome, we now offer a line of skylights that provides the light diffusion we expect by way of a Prismatic lens with the durability of an outer glazing that surpasses FM's Severe Hail Test.  An AAMA compliant thermally broken frame constructed from 6063-T5 aluminum frames mitigates condensation and rounds out this unit's industry leading 10-year warranty.  The TuffPRIZ™  skylight dome by RCS is available in the following sizes:

  • 4 ft. by 4 ft.

  • 4 ft. by 8 ft.

  • 2.5 ft. by 10 ft.

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Additionally, we keep a regular inventory of these sizes and recommend the Radial Triarch dome shape to maximize light harvest during morning and evening hours.  If required, we can offer Bubble and Pyramid dome shapes also.  RCS strongly recommends the incorporation of fall protection screens to prevent serious personal injury or death that may result from failing through a skylight.  

Unless otherwise specified, RCS's TuffPRIZ™ skylight domes are included with our traditional curb mounted and STRIP Light daylighting packages to create a Total Systems Approach to Daylighting


30” Wide STRIP Light™ System

Our experience in roof curb systems has led to the development of a proprietary system that takes the traditional curb mounted skylight dome and stretches its preconceived limits by way of a unique gutter system that allows the combination of 10' domes to create custom length solutions.  This efficient curb system is comprised of a Seam-In style curb wall assembly that is manufactured to match 24" Trapezoidal SSR roof panel profiles where it integrates to elevate the skylight dome and provide a traditional style curb wall for mounting.  The STRIP Light™ system has our Seam-In style diverter for an under/over connection along with a smaller version of our TRAC Rail to support the front flange while embodying the benefits of the Seam-to-Seam style walls that attach to adjacent panels via the provided Seam Caps.  We didn't reinvent the skylight, we only took the application of the skylight to the next level while unchanging the critical and fundamental glazing elements that embody a successful assembly.  Learn more


Traditional Curb Mounted Skylights

At RCS we are anything but "traditional" so we have taken our Total Systems Approach to the age-old method for mounting skylights.  By using our proven Flat-Flange and Seam-In Roof Curb Systems, we are able to provide superior integration with skylights and metal roofs.  We custom fabricate our curbs to match Vertical Rib, Trapezoidal SSR, and R-Panel roof profiles, however we also manufacture conventional style curbs exclusively for TPO or Built-Up roof applications.  Our skylight curbs are non-sloped to maximize visible light and prevent shadowing.  Additionally, the curbs come standard with 1-1/2" thick insulation in the curb walls, but unlike our other curbs, our skylight specific units come with liners to cover the otherwise exposed yellow fiberglass insulation.  As with all of our packages, we include all the required accessories and installation details for a complete and thorough installation.



Commercial Tubular Sun Tunnel

RCS offers the premier solution for solar tubes and floating standing seam metal roof systems.  Tubular Skylights are commonly used as a method to bring natural light into office buildings and homes with drop ceilings.

Problem: Most Tubular Skylights today are offered with only fixed tubes. This can present a problem for floating standing seam roof systems used on metal buildings. The thermal expansion and contraction of the roof system can crack or break the connections of a fixed tube.

RCS Solution: A flexible connection. This allows for the natural thermal expansion and contraction without damaging the tube. 98% highly specular reflective rigid tunnel.

Sun Tunnel™ Skylight by Velux

  • 98% Highly specular reflective rigid tunnel with Prismatic Diffuser

  • Tunnel has a 22” diameter

  • Highly reflective tunnel

  • 36” rigid top elbow, 30° offset

  • Flexible bottom elbow, 24” fully extended (doubles as expansion joint)

  • 9” tall round-to-square adapter box

  • Fast adjustment of tunnel length thanks to 60” telescopic design

  • Compatible with drop, open, or hard ceiling applications

  • Daylight controller optional

  • Modular system can be purchased in three separate components

  • 10-year warranty on skylight and a 25 year warranty on tunnel

Contact RCS to specify the ideal daylighting solution for your project based on geographic location and building usage.