Specialty Diverter Systems

At RCS, we apply hydrodynamics to our custom water management assemblies for tower, corner and valley roof conditions.  Our diverters are designed to manage the flow of water and get it where it needs to go to properly drain a roof plane.  Similar to our curb systems, diverters require a specially designed TRAC Rail™ to support the panel/flange connections and prevent ponding.  These deflection systems demand accuracy due to the large volumes of stormwater exposure, so additional steps may be necessary to coordinate the right solution for your building.

It's a fact that water travels the path of least resistance.  Common tendencies for new building additions specify placement against the eave of an existing building or tower expansions which dramatically alter rainwater management.  For large diverter units, the side flanges may need to extend wide enough to spill water into multiple ribs. We calculate the potential amount of head water coupled with slope of the roof to determine the height and width requirements for our diverter systems.  Whether an expected or unexpected condition occurs on a project, we can fabricate our diverters as flat-flange or seam-in styles to coordinate with other penetration packages on the roof.  

Options vary depending on condition:

  • Diverter only (front side)
  • Diverter with small turn back 
  • Diverter with side wall flashing
  • Diverter with side wall flashing and rear wall


Contact Us today to determine the right Diverter solution for your project and discuss expedited options for unexpected field conditions.