Seam-In Curb System


This Seam to Seam style, which we refer to as the Seam-In curb, offers the best protection for roof penetrations and actually becomes part of the roof by shingling into the roof system essentially like a roof panel.  This style is required to comply with 20-year roof warranties by many major building manufacturers within the metal building industry. The attachment to the rib is typically done with a seam cap provided by RCS. When constructed from 0.080 aluminum, RCS offers a standard 20-year workmanship warranty*.

RCS offers a special version of our TRAC Rail™ Curb Support System for Seam-In curbs in order to properly support the extended flanges and provide a full width cross channel. 

SC TRAC Rail_Double Span_Standard2.jpg

The Seam-In Roof Curb Package includes the following for a complete installation:

SC TRAC Rail_Double Span_Seam-In with Roof Curb.jpg
  • TRAC Rail™ for Seam-In Curb with supplemental span channels
  • Seam-In Curb fabricated to coordinate with the building roof slope and specific rooftop equipment
  • Seam Caps
  • Mastic and Tube Sealant
  • Fasteners
  • Closures

Roof Curb Specifications:

  • Material: .063 and .080 Aluminum; 18-Gauge AZ55 available upon request
  • Insulation: 1-1/2” Commercial Board Fiberglass with R-6.5 thermal rating
  • CNC Punching and Burning fabrication processes deliver the most accurate nested metal parts
  • Configurator driven fabrication optimizes Forming processes to reduce welds and increase curb strength
  • Digital Wave Pulse welding technology delivers superior and consistent penetrating welds when combining Aluminum parts
  • All curbs are available in custom color paint to match your painted roof if desired

*RCS guarantees workmanship for 20 years to repair or replace any part manufactured by RCS found to be defective in material or workmanship for a period of 20 years from shipment.  For more information regarding our warranty coverage, please contact us.

How to Install the Seam-In Curb System