Our ladders are available for both internal and external mount for accessing the roof. In addition, RCS works very hard to be your well-informed source when it comes to IBC standards and OSHA mandates. We can help you determine which vertical access product best meets your rooftop needs. Always refer to for guidelines and requirements and always make safety your first priority.

Ladder Tread-448x298.JPG

Inside Mount Hatch Access Ladder 

Standard fixed ladders are combined with safety cage protection when required or requested. They are available in 10’-30’ lengths before requiring a rest platform in most jurisdictions. By code, fixed ladders can be ordered up to 20’ tall without safety cage protection however RCS recommends safety cages/fall protection for all ladders.  Ask about our optional handrail kits that pair with our Roof Hatches for more efficient ingress/egress of the ladder system.


External Mount Ladder 

Similarly constructed to internal ladders, the external ladder is built in accordance with code, safety, and customer preferences for safe access to the roof system.  For externally mounted ladders, strong consideration should be taken to include optional security doors and gates to prevent unauthorized access onto your roof.  Contact us to determine your project needs.

When it comes to vertical access, trust RCS to coordinate the right solution for your building.  Whether you're looking for an inside the building mounted ladder with coordinating roof hatch or an external mounted ladder system, their is no other company in the industry that provides a complete solution for properly mounting to pre-engineered metal buildings.