System Accessories

At RCS, our specialty is providing a complete package for our customers to ensure correct integration yielding project success.  Whether it's a die-formed closure or fasteners and sealants, each component is specifically designed to properly conform to the applicable roof panel profile and comprised of the highest quality materials for reliable weather-tightness.  No detail is too small in our opinion which led us to develop our own proprietary mastic for a more reliable solution.  For more information about our Seven Bead Curb Tape, check out this article.

In addition to the required installation accessories, we offer optional curb features such as Security Bars for rooftop equipment, Fall Screens for skylights, Liners to cover insulation in the curb walls, Duct Kits for HVAC curbs, Uplift Clips for high wind regions, custom match paint, and specially fabricated enhancements such as temporary Weatherproof Covers to meet your project needs.

All RCS Roof Penetration Systems are shipped with the relevant and necessary accessories for a complete installation package unless otherwise specified by the customer.  Learn more about our Product Integration with rooftop equipment to determine the optional accessories you may need to complete your product.