Message from our founder

Cutting a hole in a roof is a big deal; understanding the implications of selecting improper components to supplement that hole is a bigger deal.  We recognized that there is not a universal solution to roof curbs in pre-engineered metal buildings.  This is a technical field that requires technical processes to ensure compatibility.  RCS does not assume anything; we instilled the principle of checks and balances in our company to ensure accuracy on every project.  As a systems' supplier, we understand that if our curb fails, the entire industry suffers.  Rather than focusing on selling individual parts to win bids, we stand unwavering with our Total Systems Approach because we know that we can control the outcome of the finished product.  We will always do the right thing, not just for ourselves, but for the betterment of our customers’ buildings.

Greg Smyth.jpg

Greg Smyth | Founder and President

Greg Smyth founded RCS - Roof Curb Systems on a foundation of innovation and quality committed to the customer’s success.  With over 70,000 TRAC Rail Roof Curb Systems installed across the country, Greg’s contributions to the industry have vastly impacted projects of varying scope and size.  He will be the first to tell you that his success was earned on the roof with installers by day and in the office at the drafting table by night.  This business has no room for error, that’s why Greg made it his mission to listen, understand and apply his ideas to the prominent issues that plagued the integration of roof curbs with pre-engineered metal buildings.  Greg stands proudly committed to the legacy of RCS’s positive impact on the industry.


Lynn Smyth | VP of Finance

Lynn Smyth has been alongside of her husband Greg throughout the development of RCS.  She is the driving force behind operations that has inspired passion to grow their business.  Her loyalty not only to the company, but to her customers is what she has diligently instilled in her team.  With a caring voice of reason, customers have come to know Lynn over the decades by her infamous question that goes along with every order: “Are you ready for your curbs?”

Clifton Reasor.jpg

Clifton Reasor | VP of Business Development

Clifton Reasor is said to have been born with a hammer in one hand and a tape measure in the other.  Although we have replaced that hammer with a screw gun, his expansive conventional construction experience brings new perspective to our industry.  Involved in product development and marketing efforts, Clifton is a strategist devoted to improving metal buildings like our founder.  Passionate about the real world application of his products, this quote by Peter Drucker embodies Clifton’s spirit: “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.  It is what the customer gets out of it.”

Eric Blevins.jpg

Eric Blevins | Customer Service Manager

Eric Blevins is our problem solver that heads up Technical Services for customers and handles special project considerations along with one-off scenarios.  With experience in Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, HVAC, Personnel Access, Loads/Codes and Manufacturing, his coordination expertise is unparalleled in the industry.  Rest assured when Eric is on your side; this quote from Damon Richards sums up Eric’s approach to service:  “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Jessica Bridges.jpg

Jessica Bridges | National Accounts Manager

Jessica Bridges brings charm and charisma to the fast-paced world of National Accounts fulfillment.  With an Administrative background, she brings details and deadlines together to meet the needs posed by high-value, high-velocity projects that hit the ground fast and need answers faster.  Jessica’s competitive nature means that she will not let her customers down through her personal initiative to “Under Promise and Over Deliver” – Unknown.

Lindsay Legan.jpg

Lindsay Legan | Office Manager

Lindsay Legan is our welcoming voice and Administrative support that keeps us functioning efficiently.  With a background in Project Management, she applies organization and communication to our fulfillment process to ensure we are on schedule and logistically in control.  When someone needs something, Lindsay makes it happen with this quote by Henry Ford reminding us of her demeanor: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”