Impact: From NACC to My Career with RCS


RCS is a fast-paced, vastly-engaged company located in Trenton, Georgia.  RCS has been operating since 1997 in the development and production of thoughtful solutions for the efficient integration of equipment with metal roofs.  Our core values embody an innovative spirit focused on preserving the integrity of the building system in our industry’s expansive environment.  ‘Total Systems Approach’ is our message; problem solving is our mission. 

Drafting and design is an integral function in the RCS path to production.  It’s all about the details in an industry where an eighth of an inch discrepancy results in structural success or failure and tolerances are down to the degree to prevent water infiltration.  As a Detailer at RCS, I am responsible for using SolidWorks to configure product specifications into models that can be nested.  These drawings also involve formatting for customer interpretation which prior to distribution, require my thorough review to ensure accuracy.  My success as a Detailer for RCS has propelled me into new Designer responsibilities.  In addition to modeling new products, I am writing installation instructions for inventions and developing tools to allow for more efficient manufacturing of our products.  The drafting experience and maturity I gained from Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) coupled with my passion for learning have rapidly advanced my career with RCS. 

NACC opened the door to my career in drafting at RCS.  I was given the opportunity to Co-Op with RCS and apply my SolidWorks Modeling coursework to the needs of the organization.  My Co-Op began in manufacturing where I learned to operate CNC equipment such as Press Brakes, Plasma Tables and the Turret Punch so that I could begin to understand the fundamentals of forming and burning of sheet metals.  The characteristics of metal types from Aluminum to Steel require specific programming parameters in detailing to understand how their specific dimensions are affected by the individual production processes.  This Co-Op experience coupled with my well-rounded coursework at NACC is invaluable to my role as a Designer at RCS because I understand the importance of modeling parts correctly for the assembly of our finished product.


I would recommend NACC to anyone that is passionate for a career in Drafting and Design. NACC is the foundation of my higher learning that propelled my career success through their guidance. They have great professors that are always willing to help with applying coursework, setting goals, creating connections and challenging creativity so that you may have a better future.  I would like to personally thank Kelly Black, NACC Drafting and Design Technology Instructor, along with Nancy Griggs NACC Administrative Assistant for Experience Programs, for all the hard work they devoted so that I could begin my career at RCS.  The most valuable lesson that I have learned: sometimes you have to get outside of your comfort zone to make an impact.

Written by: Adan Morales